My First Apartment

My Apartment
So, I finally get my own apartment
in a city
within walking distance of anything.

Denver would have been enough of a change
instead I flew around the world
to a land of another language.

Instead of pine trees and deer,
concrete and cherry trees
with a mile less altitude.

(Um, why did I write something that looks kind of like a poem?)

3 thoughts on “My First Apartment

  1. Haiku!

    You can write haiku
    Because that is Japanese
    that is where you are

    it would be funny
    if all your posts were metered
    in this haiku form

  2. Mystery Haiku writer

    My darling brother
    I am not anonymous
    me- haiku sister.


    can I open an account somehow?

  3. Poetry and Home

    You wrote poetry, Anders, because you were thinking about “home” – good for you. Were the cherry trees beautifully in bloom when you moved there?

    The trees and lilac bushes are blooming here in Carson City now – for about a week. We’re even having a few rain showers and cool days. The altitude here is lower than Boulder – and much lower than Poor Man Road. Not much snow down here.

    Love, Aunt Holly

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