Another Bike Ride North in Okazaki

I rode to the north again, going up route 26 from the FEEL NEWS shopping center to route 248, and then south back to the Garage Sale and home.

Octopus Desert
I had lunch at FEEL NEWS, which included this… thing. It was quite good, but I didn’t expect the chocolate cream filling.

Just past the Mos Burger I saw this building under construction.

Sugita Sake
I saw this building, and thought “Sweet, a giant building with ‘酒’ on it, maybe they have Ouzo?”

No, but they do have Cuban Rum:
Cuban Rum

Cement Factory?
On route 248 north of Route 1 I passed what looks like a cement factory.

Random sidewalk.

2 thoughts on “Another Bike Ride North in Okazaki

    • Re: But how did you Feel?

      Um, maybe they have a newspaper stand, but FEEL NEWS is really just a clothing/grocery store.

      If it is written in English here, it generally doesn’t mean anything.

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