Pit Toilet, Finally

2 Toilets
I had to go to the toilet in AEON Mall, and was greeted by this sight.

I finally see a classic Japanese style toilet, and the next stall is a modern toilet with a heated seat, with “おしりSpray” (Butt Spray). The contrast is very interesting.

The ground, it moves!

We just had a small earthquake, 4.6 on the Richter scale about 50km from Okazaki. It was about as strong here as being in a station when a train passes through.

More relevant, it was a 1 here in Okazaki on the JMA scale, which is barely precaptable. The main difference between Richter and the JMA scales is that the JMA scale is based on where the measurement is taken, so it gets less the further from the epicenter the measurement is, while Richter is about how much energy in total was put out by the earthquake.

(And in more “extreme weather” stuff, there is currently a “Dry Air” alert for this state. The current humidity is….. 48%, or about 38 points more than I like.)

Japan Meteorological Agency has lots of severe weather/earthquake information.

“Yes, we can!”

I was biking home when I came across 3 middle school students standing over a crashed bike. The fender had gotten messed up, and they were trying to take it off. The asked me to help them, so I was standing there a little bit trying to talk to them, when I suddenly said “実は。。。”,(Actually,…) pulled out my keys, and unscrewed the fender with my Utili-Key.

(Everyone should have a Utili-Key on their key chain)


Kind of Matching

Yes, we coordinated to have somewhat matching outfits.

The first teacher didn’t see me walk in, so later in class when we were doing a “That is a cool XXXX, where did you get that?” type of conversation, and the student next to me was talking about my skirt, the teacher that that he had made an odd mistake, until I showed the teacher my kilt.

For the next teacher everyone in class was waiting for the teachers reaction…

More inasnity inside

I am a registered alien

I now have my Alien Registration Card(ARC), so I don’t have to take my passport with me everywhere.

I was reading a schedule of upcoming events that had a parallel Japanese and English translation, and I kept glancing to the Japanese side because dates are easier for me in Japanese. “6月” is easer for me to understand than “June”, which is annoying when Japanese people are speaking and try to think of the English name for a month.

I wish we would just say “Nth month” instead of the specific names.

And, I am not quite sure how this is supposed to be used. The fork part seems to be too dull for stabbing, and the fork part intereferes with using the spoon part:
Sugakiya Spoon-thing
/Not a spork, those can actually be used for… anything.
//I just put that aside and used chopsticks.

Juggling Appliances

I was cooking dinner, and it got so bizzare that I had to take a picture.
Juggling Appliances

That is the cooked meat sitting on top of the just finished and unplugged rice cooker.

Using the toaster oven and induction hob at 1/2 power doesn’t trip the breaker, apparently.

Result inside


Warabi mochi“.
This guy drives around playing a looped advertisement for わらび餅.

Occasionally in class when someone wants to describe something they like, they use parts of the advertisement, like 「大きくておいしいだよう」. (Big and tasty)