Exploring Near 名古屋駅(Nagoya JR Station)

I went to Nagoya again, but this time to explore in the vicinity of the Station.
Lamborghini Murciélago
(Seen about 500m north of the station)

Bic Camera

First, we went to Bic Camera, across the street to the west from the station
Bic Camera Nagoya

Underground Mall

Then we went to the underground mall around the station. In Colorado we generally have above ground or outdoor malls, so vertical space is in abundance. Here space and volume are expensive, so I feel like a giant.
Sun Road Mall

Midtown Square

Then we went to Midtown Square, which is a very high end shopping mall. Since the stores didn’t interest us, we decided to go to the 46th floor, and look out at Nagoya.
Midland Square
The mall from the 5th floor, just outside the movie theater.
Nagoya From Above
Nagoya Castle
The Nagoya Castle
Leaving an Impression
Many people have left an impression here
Midland Square
Looking up from below the ground

North from Nagoya Station

You can walk from the station to the International Center entirely underground, a distance of more than half a kilometer. We then went north, and then back to the station.
Odd table in the basement of the Nagoya International Center.

I noticed a small shrine crammed into a corner of the mall, with what seems like the entrance path going under someone else’s house.
Shrine in a Mall

And then at the next block we saw this Lamborghini Murciélago.
Lamborghini Murciélago

2 thoughts on “Exploring Near 名古屋駅(Nagoya JR Station)

  1. butt prints

    Love the butt prints! I showed your postcard to my student from Japan. He knew where Nagoya is, but not where Okazaki is, so go figure.

    • Re: butt prints

      That makes sense.

      Nagoya is the 3rd largest metropolitan area in Japan. Okazaki is a tiny city that is part of that area.

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