Here is a video I made of me stirring some natto:

Natto from corsec67 on Vimeo.

Yeah, that is a food that I have to use a video to show, but it doesn’t convey the smell, which to me is similar to refried beans.

6 thoughts on “Natto

  1. You are the one who doesn’t like tomatoes because of the texture.. but this.. this is seriously ODD texture!!

    • Yes, the texture is just bizzare. It is really like refried beans, if a tad runnier, so it isn’t something very new to me.

  2. Is it beans?

    Does it smell like beans because…it is beans? Hey, I just saw the new Star Trek. When does it get to Japan and will it be dubbed?

    • Re: Is it beans?

      No, it smells like cheese because it is fermented.

      Star Trek – it might be dubbed, which would be annoying.

    • Re: With glue?

      No, it is fermented soy beans. The “snot” is just part of the soy beans that got broken down by the bacteria.

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