Bike to the Sea

I biked 10km south to Gamagori port.
By The Sea

Some sights I saw on the way down to Gamagori:

Observation Thing
From this observation thing just north of Gamagori, I took a few pictures.

Looking north
Looking North
Looking south
Looking South

9 thoughts on “Bike to the Sea

        • Re: Did you buy a bike?

          There are a few orange bikes, but it isn’t that popular, which makes finding my bike easier.

          I am always going to be the big white guy, so it doesn’t really matter what color my bike is. Hmm, I could get the bright pink bike with sparkles and streamers that I always wanted…..

          • Re: Did you buy a bike?

            Pink and orange plaid? That could actually look good. Assuming I wore some nice combat boots and a tunic to complete the outfit.

          • Re: Did you buy a bike?

            The nice thing about pink and orange plaid is that it would work with either a pink bike or an orange bike. I think navy blue would work great for a tunic, just to keep from being too matchy.

    • Re: Route of travel

      I followed the roads, I haven’t seen trails that go between cities like I went yesterday.

      The might have trails in parks, but that wouldn’t be between cities.

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