Weather Report

I finally got a kanji dictionary installed on my web browser, so I looked up what all of the axes of the local weather report circular chart below the map mean.

From the top going clockwise they are:

  • 洗濯指数: Laundry index, how thick of clothing will dry
  • 星空指数: Starry sky index, I think how clear the sky is
  • 服装指数: Clothing index, how thick of clothing is recommended
  • 傘指数: Umbrella index
  • 紫外線指数: Ultraviolet index

Interesting how the weather report tells you whether to wear a sweater, bring an umbrella, or sun block.

3 thoughts on “Weather Report

  1. Drying Clothing Outside

    I love this! Using the sun or wind to dry clothing must be common enough in Japan that the weather report wants to help you figure out if it is a good day to hang out the laundry. Do you have a clothesline in your apartment?

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