Juggling Appliances

I was cooking dinner, and it got so bizzare that I had to take a picture.
Juggling Appliances

That is the cooked meat sitting on top of the just finished and unplugged rice cooker.

Using the toaster oven and induction hob at 1/2 power doesn’t trip the breaker, apparently.

The result:

I still don’t have a cookbook, or actually any kind of measuring thing aside from the rice measuring cup. It seems like the measuring things I saw in Seiyu are all metric, so using an American cookbook would be annoying.

5 thoughts on “Juggling Appliances

  1. Dinner?

    What do you eat for breakfast? I remember the miso soup, but are you eating eggs for every meal? Use your dictionary and tell me the labeling claims they are making on the eggs.

    • Re: Dinner?

      Breakfast is usually rice, miso soup, cereal, and green tea.

      Sometimes I have natto on the rice, but normally just a salt + sesame seed sprinkle on the the rice.

      I actually just got rid of all of my plastic trash (trash is an incredibly complex thing), so I don’t have an egg carton at the moment.

        • Re: Dinner?

          Nope, the breaks between quarters at school here is only about 2 weeks long, which isn’t long enough to do anything in the States due to the time zone/jet lag issues.

          • Re: Dinner?

            Hmm, hopefully mom and dad have a video camera so that I can do what would have been your job and record the whole thing for posterity.

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