Hanging Out

Laundry out to dry
Laundry, that is. That is my laundry hanging out to dry. I didn’t do my pants, since I had a bunch of other stuff to wash.

Airing out my futon as well.

Washing Machines
This is outside, in one of the bicycle parking bays.

Doing Laundry:

1. Check the weather forecast, see of the “laundry index” is high enough.
2. Look outside to see if that makes sense.
3. Gather laundry
4. Go to the machine. If they are all full, but one is about to finish, wait.
5. Put laundry, detergent in the machine, and press スタート
6. 45 min later, grab laundry
7. hang laundry up in the porch.
8. that night, if the laundry is dry, fold and put away
9. If it isn’t dry, hang in my room to fold and put away the following night. (50-100% humidity makes drying things a pain)

5 thoughts on “Hanging Out

  1. Equipment

    Cool. Did the round clippy rack and the poles come with the apartment? Can you use the hooks to hang your bike at other times?

    I need to invent that. Bike rack/clothes dryer.

    • Re: Equipment

      No, I got the 48-pinch rack from the local 100¥ store. The poles came with the apartment, that is really essential equipment, along with the rice maker.

      And my futon is almost completely covering it up, but part of the wall of the balcony is designed to let air flow into it, to air out the inside of the futon when it is put up like that.

  2. bags of yen

    Do you have to use bags of quarters, I mean yen-things, to use the machine?? How much does it cost?

    • Re: bags of yen

      No, these machines are the normal ones people would have in their houses, they aren’t coin laundry machines.

      (Also, there isn’t a quarter here, there are 1¥, 5¥, 10¥, 50¥, 100¥, 500¥, with the 1¥ being roughly equal to a penny, so the 500¥ is enough to buy lunch.)

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