I am a registered alien

I now have my Alien Registration Card(ARC), so I don’t have to take my passport with me everywhere.

I was reading a schedule of upcoming events that had a parallel Japanese and English translation, and I kept glancing to the Japanese side because dates are easier for me in Japanese. “6月” is easer for me to understand than “June”, which is annoying when Japanese people are speaking and try to think of the English name for a month.

I wish we would just say “Nth month” instead of the specific names.

And, I am not quite sure how this is supposed to be used. The fork part seems to be too dull for stabbing, and the fork part intereferes with using the spoon part:
Sugakiya Spoon-thing
/Not a spork, those can actually be used for… anything.
//I just put that aside and used chopsticks.

6 thoughts on “I am a registered alien

  1. Blame the Romans

    The month thing is the Roman’s fault, blame them.

    I think the foon would be very handy for eating soup with noodles. You could wind the noodles all around the tines and then dip the whole thing back into the soup for some broth to sip. Do you think someone just heard about a spork and this is what they thought it was?

    • Re: Blame the Romans

      Oooh, hmm. Winding noodles around the “fork” part. That would explain the blunt tips, and the overall shape.

      Still doesn’t mean it doesn’t scare me, and that I prefer to use chopsticks.

  2. Use of the utensil

    I think that the little prongs are intended stab the things in the “soup” that might still be alive.

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