Kind of Matching

Yes, we coordinated to have somewhat matching outfits.

The first teacher didn’t see me walk in, so later in class when we were doing a “That is a cool XXXX, where did you get that?” type of conversation, and the student next to me was talking about my skirt, the teacher that that he had made an odd mistake, until I showed the teacher my kilt.

For the next teacher everyone in class was waiting for the teachers reaction…

Surprised Teacher
That is our main teacher to my left, wearing the badge that all of the teachers have to wear.

More students.

After school, we went to a meeting for a TV program a local station was recording about ecology/recycling, and they wanted some foreign points of view. So, they came to Yamasa and interviewed a few people.

4 thoughts on “Kilt

  1. Your friends

    The guys on the end have been in several pictures. Are they your friends? Do you go and drink foreign beer with them?

    Also, how do you get your blog to be short with the “more inside” link for the rest of the photos?

    • Re: Your friends

      They are all classmates, at about the same level as me.

      Yeah, sometimes we end up at the student bar together.

      That would be the lj-cut tag, if you are using the WISIWYG interface, there should be a button for that. Put the link text in the dialog, then put the hidden content in the area.

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