The ground, it moves!

We just had a small earthquake, 4.6 on the Richter scale about 50km from Okazaki. It was about as strong here as being in a station when a train passes through.

More relevant, it was a 1 here in Okazaki on the JMA scale, which is barely precaptable. The main difference between Richter and the JMA scales is that the JMA scale is based on where the measurement is taken, so it gets less the further from the epicenter the measurement is, while Richter is about how much energy in total was put out by the earthquake.

(And in more “extreme weather” stuff, there is currently a “Dry Air” alert for this state. The current humidity is….. 48%, or about 38 points more than I like.)

Japan Meteorological Agency has lots of severe weather/earthquake information.

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