Quick Toilet Update

I went to Nara for the weekend, and I have a bunch of pictures posted. I might post them here.

But, anyways, on to the toilet update:
Express Bathroom
On the limited express train we took between Maibala and Nagoya the door to the mens toilet (it only had a urinal) had a window in it, with no lock on the door.

Bathroom Map?
I think the only reason they have a map is so that people can wait for the correct kind of stall if they are full.

The toilet/shower in the Toyoko Inn in Nara.

Detail of the control panel for the toilet seat:
Toilet Seat Control Panel

One thought on “Quick Toilet Update

  1. Outnumbered

    I notice that the “pit” toilets outnumber the “western” toilets in both the men’s and the women’s. Is this common?

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