I had fun shopping today.

At Tsutaya (Local DVD store similar to Blockbuster), I discovered that rentals are ¥200 for a week only on Tuesday, otherwise 1 week is ¥360. Until now, I have been getting movies on Tuesday, so I thought that was the normal price.

At Seiyu, (Local Wal-Mart), I got some Lemon&Vinegar KitKat, and some sardines.

At AEON (Local Mall), I was looking for an alarm clock to replace my broken one, and the only one I liked was a display model at a “culture” store. Maybe I need to find a clock store. The one I got has a switch for 50/60Hz.

One thought on “Shopping

  1. Movie Deal

    Hey, I get a deal like that on Tuesday and Wednesday too. At Vulcan Video in Austin I can rent 2 for the price of 1 for 5 days.

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