Bills, Roommate

I went to the Customer service at Yamasa to get my gas bill (~¥3000), and not only did I not have to say my name, but the lady said “ちょっと待ってください”(Please wait a moment), and typed a bit on her computer.

She said that my roommate is arriving July 4th or 5th, and is from America, England, or something like that. Apparently the Taiwanese student that they had told me about in March had canceled.

Considering how infrequently I go to customer service, I find it amazing they know my face, and that she remembered that I had a roommate coming. Of course it is the end of the quarter, so anybody that has changing roommates is having that happen soon.

2 thoughts on “Bills, Roommate

  1. What do you use gas for?

    I know you don’t cook with gas and since you do your laundry with those machines outside, why do you have a gas bill? How could it possibly be cold enough to need heating?

    • Re: What do you use gas for?

      Water heater. The gas is for the water heater. Other houses use gas for cooking, or a rice cooker. (They have gas outlets inside the kitchen, and plug stuff into that)

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