Hair Cut

Self Portrait
Self Portrait. I cut my hair. This is 3mm.

Other random stuff:
It it so humid and warm that I am getting condensation and mold on the top of my fridge. I used to take it for granted that the shower would be dry that evening if I used it in the morning. Here, it is almost that unless you forcefully move water, it will stay put. I think if I put a saucer with water in it on my fridge that condensation would cause it to fill faster than evaporation would empty it. 80/100 on the laundry index is that a T-shirt will dry in 3 hours (and rain doesn’t necessarily interfere with that rating).

It seems that the guy who was going to be my roommate changed his mind, so the customer service people are coming to take back his luggage.

In a Mirror
Before. The clippers are in the bag.

Playing With Sharp Objects
During. I thought this would be pretty funny.

3 thoughts on “Hair Cut

    • Re: Did you haircut

      I don’t think so. The roommate changed his mind I think before he was even in this prefecture. I never saw him.

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