Mechanized Dolls

I went to a free presentation about Japanese moving dolls provided by the library. The library is pretty cool, with an “International Community Center” on the third floor.

I sat next to a German lady that is doing post-doc molecular physics research at a research place here in Okazaki. She is working on a molecular spectroscopy device. That conversation made me realize that I can talk about molecular physics better than I do small talk.

Tea Serving Doll

When the tea cup is placed on the tray, the doll moves forward. When the tea cup is removed by the customer and then replaced by the customer, the doll turns around and goes back to the start.

Stair Descending Dolls
The tubes are partially filled with mercury, so they slowly descend stairs as the mercury lifts the uphill doll.

(Language note: the Japanese word for Mercury is 水銀, “sui-gin”, water + silver)

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