More Fireworks

Tree in the Way
Went to another fireworks show this weekend.

The quote for that picture is “Hold my beer for a minute while I grab my chainsaw…”, which would be a very bad thing if I had actually seriously said that.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? A kiloword would be 1000 words. (And a kibiword would be 1024 words.)

Manami and I
It was just the two of us. She basically doesn’t speak English. Neither can I, apparently.

Peeling a Peach
Buying a peach on a stick.

Japanese take off their shoes before getting on that mat, to keep it “clean”.

Road Back
The road back was a little crowded. I had a great view, being a bit taller than everyone else. Manami was looking at the back of the person in front of her.

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