Groundhog Day


We were doing an exercise about “In case of XXXX, you should do YYYY”:

“In case you lose your key, what should you do?”
“In case you lose your key, talk to the guy in charge of your apartment”

“In case something breaks in your apartment, what should you do?”
And everyone in the class looked at me and said “Talk to Olaf.” That surprised the teacher a bit so there was a flurry of comments:
“He fixed my door” (2 people)
“He fixed my bike” (2 or 3 people, I lost track)
And then there were the 2 people where I had cut their hair.

I felt like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

The teacher then said “Well, what happens if your car breaks?” and everyone again said “Talk to Olaf.” This one is a bit different because the culture in Japan is that you generally don’t fix your own car, you take it to a shop for almost everything. This is caused a bit by the shaken(shaw-ken) system.

My response was “well, I have fixed cars before”.

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