Riding the Subway

I rode the subway today.

No, I mean like I got out of the station at about 24 different stations.

That is about 24* (2 to 6) flights of stairs, so it was like being on and off a sairmaster all day. Add in the humidity, and I ended up with salt stains in my shirt.

Had lunch here, some gyudon. Still not as good as what they serve at Kitsutsuki.

Asty Ozone
Made it all the way to Ozone. (The area’s name is actually Ozone (o-zo-neh))

Got back to Kanayama and couldn’t believe that they were trying to use an evaporative cooler.

One thought on “Riding the Subway

  1. Yeah, they use evaporative coolers in a number of places in Tokyo. The don’t really do any good, but they do mist up spectacularly!

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