Accents, Eh?

Accents in English are always a fun topic of discussion at Zig-Zag (the school bar).

We had a guy from west England (Mark) trying to guess were a few other people and I were from based on our accents.

  • The German with really good English was from England.
  • I was from Germany.
  • The British guy was from South Africa.

At least, according to his first guess. Not like I would have done much better, since I thought Mark had a very light British accent.

It is pretty obvious to other Americans that I am American, although some people think that an American called “Olaf” is weird, and a “not American enough name”. Although, even if someone recognizes my accent, it is usually something like “You are from western America or Canada”, since there isn’t a whole lot to differentiate most of that region, accent-wise.

Considering how different a London accent sounds, I have to have a pretty strong accent to them, but I can’t really tell what it is by myself.

And then native French speakers tend to have a really strong accent in Japanese, for some reason.

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