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Kanji Practice

I started using なぞっておぼえる大人の漢字練習完全版(Follow along learning adult kanji practice, complete version) (大人の漢字練習 for short) in January, and aside from a few setbacks, I have been using it every day. It breaks lessons up into nice daily chunks, even for someone that it using it to learn the kanji and not just practicing them. This software is only in Japanese, so I need a book to translate the kanji. It tests writing, which flash cards wouldn’t, so my ability to write kanji goes along with learning them.

I use a kanji book as well, A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters, by Kenneth G. Henshall (ISBN 0-8048-2038-4) to give me the meaning and origin of the kanji. That book is the only one I really like, since it breaks things up into the radicals, and gives the history of a kanji whenever possible.

My usual pattern is to do the “daily review” for 4 days, seeing if I know any of the kanji, and then looking all of them up in the Henshall book. Then, on the 5th day, there are tests over the 20 kanji, one for writing and one for reading.

(The DS game is
Nazotte Oboeru – Otona no Kanji Renshuu – Kanzen Ban / DS #2563 on ADVANsCEne)

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