Being Interviewed

Interview from corsec67 on Vimeo.

We practiced this a couple of times, and then did it in front of the class.

We didn’t make any jokes like most of the other groups did.

The speech goes something like this:
JJ: This is the winner of the F1 contest, Olaf! Congratulations. Your driving technique was amazing.
Olaf: Thank you
JJ: Were you nervous?
Olaf: Yes, I was.
JJ: Are you aware that it was broadcast on TV?
Olaf: Of course I knew.
JJ: The winnings are 100 million yen, what are you planning to do with it?
Olaf: I am thinking of doing things like buying a house, traveling. Since I was a kid I had a dream of going to other countries.
JJ: So, where are you going to travel?
Olaf: I want to go to places like Europe and South America.
JJ: Your childhood dream will be realized.
Olaf: Yes. Would it be acceptable if I add one more thing?
JJ: Go ahead.
Olaf: I would like to say thank you to my staff for helping me participate in this race.

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