Me vs. The Class

When other people talk about their country, I refer to Colorado, since otherwise the answer would generally be “it depends”. Since everyone else in the class grew up in a city, and lived in a city before coming to Yamasa, when I talk about some of my experiences everyone in class can’t believe some of it.

Like how my cats know what bears, deer, chicken, foxes, pumas, coyotes, and hawks look like. (Someone suggested that I could open a zoo. Yep, and put up “House Cat” and “Human” as the labels, I replied) Or that I could drive 1,500km in any direction from my house and barely run into the sea. Or that I rode in a firetruck for 3,000km to get to a fire. And that that fire was 600,000 acres in size, about half the size of the prefecture I now live in.

And then guns… When the teachers ask “What have you become not able to do since coming to Japan”, I try hard to resist, but end up saying “I can’t use my guns.”

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