I went to the Okazaki city gym yesterday (Friday evening), and made use of the facilities with some friends. The entrance was ¥200, but I think I might get a monthly pass (¥2040) and go more often. The gym is one road to the east of 248 north of AEON.

The facilities are pretty small, but even the larger gyms near here have a very small weight machine section, nothing like 24 Hour Fitness or the CU Rec Center.


I bought a book, “猫でもわかるC言語プログラミング”, “Even a cat can understand: C programming”.

Not to learn C, which I already know, but to learn the Japanese that is used in reference to programming like that.

Plus it has a cat teaching programming, nothing can go wrong there :) It is part of a series, “NEKO Series”, so there are a bunch of “Even a cat can understand” books.

Interestingly, it is published by “SoftBank Creative”, which is somehow related to the SoftBank that I got my cell phone from.

Life, The Universe, and Everyting

The answer is 42.
The question is what is 6*9.
Nobody makes jokes in base 13.

Studying at Yamasa takes many forms.

Classes are going.
Life continues.
Fall brings cold.

While I don’t think that my Japanese ability is improving significantly, I ended up being the go-to guy to interpret what a crazy old lady was saying. (That was at 11:30pm, she was trying to convince some students to write an encouragement letter to a student the crazy lady thought was suicidal.)

I am continuing my study of Kanji, which is helping me with reading and learning vocab. Current favorite kanji: 淡い (the left side is “water”, and the right is two “fire”).

(If the following doesn’t make sense read the article about Reinforcement. If it still doesn’t make sense, ignore it as the ramblings of an American living in Japan.)
One thing I have been working on is talking to people I don’t know. For example, I know almost everyone’s name, country, and approximate age living in the same building as me. The potential reward for talking to a stranger is that I gain a friend. The potential risk is pretty low, either getting ignored or told to go away. So, the probability of success times the reward minus the probability of failure times the risk is still beneficial, assuming that more friends is a good thing.
That I would relate gaining friends to machine learning and speak of it like that is also an example of how even people fluent in English might not understand me. (It would have been awesome if I stood next to the guy directing people to the TOEIC test and spoke Nerd to the people going to the test, to crush their self-esteem about their level of English understanding)


I am now in E Class, having moved up fully to the next level.

This is one of the harder classes, studying chapters 3-12 of New Approach. There is another class that is studying chapters 5-12 of the same book, so it seems that I might be in one of the faster moving classes here. There is only one person in my class of 12 that isn’t a continuing Yamasa student, so I think the teachers are going to take advantage of that. Most of the class is the same as last quarter, and the quarter before that.

My roommate is in the starting class, going from chapter 1 of Minna No Nihongo. There are 2 classes at that level.

Typhoon Passed

According to the track, the typhoon passed basically right over us. We had some strong wind at about 4-6 this morning, but nothing really bad.

The damage was very minor in the local area, but in the prefecture:
A small bridge collapsed, an awning over a sidewalk fell down, and 1 person died. That awning was tied up in power lines, so that was a bit dangerous.

The most common thing was leafs and other plant debris stuck to walls, windows, and cars, so a lot of people are cleaning today. Also, power was out in areas.

Tree Parking

(Just look at the album for the rest)

Typhoon Prep

I have prepared my apartment a little bit for the coming typhoon. I tied the bikes near my apartment to the fence so they don’t blow around, and tied my clothes drying rack down. My roommate laughed at the part where my preparations involve charging 5 cameras, DS, and cell phone. Before I go to bed I will try to get everything ready, since it is supposed to be right over us at 9 in the morning. Tomorrow school is closed, along with almost everything else. (It was still part of my break, but the entrance ceremony for the new students is canceled)

And then I called my parents to discover that a fan in their computer was having issues, and its failure prevented the computer from booting up. Dust in a bearing, probably.

So, I am almost sitting in a typhoon, diagnosing a computer on the other side of the world, and watching a “Lets learn English” program on TV.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day.