Typhoon Prep

I have prepared my apartment a little bit for the coming typhoon. I tied the bikes near my apartment to the fence so they don’t blow around, and tied my clothes drying rack down. My roommate laughed at the part where my preparations involve charging 5 cameras, DS, and cell phone. Before I go to bed I will try to get everything ready, since it is supposed to be right over us at 9 in the morning. Tomorrow school is closed, along with almost everything else. (It was still part of my break, but the entrance ceremony for the new students is canceled)

And then I called my parents to discover that a fan in their computer was having issues, and its failure prevented the computer from booting up. Dust in a bearing, probably.

So, I am almost sitting in a typhoon, diagnosing a computer on the other side of the world, and watching a “Lets learn English” program on TV.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day.

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