Life, The Universe, and Everyting

The answer is 42.
The question is what is 6*9.
Nobody makes jokes in base 13.

Studying at Yamasa takes many forms.

Classes are going.
Life continues.
Fall brings cold.

While I don’t think that my Japanese ability is improving significantly, I ended up being the go-to guy to interpret what a crazy old lady was saying. (That was at 11:30pm, she was trying to convince some students to write an encouragement letter to a student the crazy lady thought was suicidal.)

I am continuing my study of Kanji, which is helping me with reading and learning vocab. Current favorite kanji: 淡い (the left side is “water”, and the right is two “fire”).

(If the following doesn’t make sense read the article about Reinforcement. If it still doesn’t make sense, ignore it as the ramblings of an American living in Japan.)
One thing I have been working on is talking to people I don’t know. For example, I know almost everyone’s name, country, and approximate age living in the same building as me. The potential reward for talking to a stranger is that I gain a friend. The potential risk is pretty low, either getting ignored or told to go away. So, the probability of success times the reward minus the probability of failure times the risk is still beneficial, assuming that more friends is a good thing.
That I would relate gaining friends to machine learning and speak of it like that is also an example of how even people fluent in English might not understand me. (It would have been awesome if I stood next to the guy directing people to the TOEIC test and spoke Nerd to the people going to the test, to crush their self-esteem about their level of English understanding)

One thought on “Life, The Universe, and Everyting

  1. You know everyone’s name??? what is the japanese air doing to your brain? What a change!!! A good one, my brother, a good one. I enjoyed this entry. You sound like you are deepening and growing.


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