Measurment Systems

I dislike Fahrenheit, and am gladly using Celsius to refer to temperatures. Well, metric everything is simpler. Just how many teaspoons are there in a barrel, anyways? (23808 in a US Beer barrel, according to Google)

I was just looking at a full date written American style (M-D-Y), and realized that I haven’t had to use that style in a while. I hated that even before coming here, so that is definitely a good thing.

Dates should be written YYYY-MM-DD, and the Japanese style is really close: YYYY年MM月DD日, which is maybe even better since each part is tagged with what it exactly means. ISO 8601 deals with this, and I like that specific standard.

Although, I do like the New Earth Calendar, with 13 months that always start on Monday. And then can we have time be a fractional part of the day?

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