Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

The Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology near Nagoya Station, Japan is an amazing place. They cover Toyoda’s initial development of looms and other cloth related technology and machines, and then go on to machining and cars.

This is a HUGE museum, you could easily spend days here, between the fabric part, the metal testing part, car manufacturing part, Toyota car history part, and the other stuff. Then, instead of having static models of stuff, they actually have some of the machines run, whether it is a thread spinning machine, a forge, or the various mechanical systems on a car. Those machine actually use/do what they were designed to do, so you will see thread being made from cotton, thread being made into fabric, pieces of metal being forged, and various other things.

Plus they sell these:
Spoon Wrench

Circular Loom

Spinning Thread
These two pictures show an amazing part of this museum: They have people showing the technology in action, actually creating thread and cloth.

Cloth press

A loom that prints a picture using different colors of thread as part of the weaving, in action.

Glowing Rod
Then, to demonstrate forging, they actually forge something. In this case it is a miniature connecting rod. He heated up the rod, and then ran it through the forge.
Red Hot Connecting Rod Model
You can see it is still hot.

Toyota AA
The car section, but we really didn’t go through there. It is also a huge section.

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