Tsuruga, Obama, Fukui

Yesterday I went to Tsuruga, Obama, and Fukui.

It was snowing along most of the northern coast I went to, so a lot of the trip looked like this.

Sprinkler being used to keep ice and snow away.

Tsuruga Anime Statue
My first stop, Tsuruga, had these statues of characters from an Anime scattered around the street by the station.

Sea of Japan
The Sea of Japan, in Oabama. The Obama area was surprisingly different. No piled up snow, a slight bit of rain, and some wind.

Obama Mermaid Statue
One of the pair of mermaid statues on the Obama coast.

Light at the end of the Station
Next was Fukui, where I was quite impressed by the station.

A statue outside the Fukui station.

The sign roughly translates to “Please use these shovels to clean up the snow while waiting for the light to change”.

I think it is a cool idea.

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