My Middle Name is Difficult

But “Difficult” is not my middle name……..
(I have been going by my middle name since I came here to Japan, thinking it was easier for Japanese to say. My last name gets butchered in Japanese horribly, but my middle name survives with just an extra vowel at the end. Apparently my name is so “foreign” that some people even have a hard time imagining that I am an American, insisting that I have to be from Scandinavia)

I went to a restaurant tonight with some Japanese friends, and one of them wrote my name in Japanese on the list of people. Then, the people I was with were joking about how the staff would call us, whether they would call my name, since it was obviously a foreign name. I was the only white person in the restaurant.

The host managed to completely avoid saying my name, and instead came up to us and said, “You guys are the party of 3, right?”, at which point we all started to laugh.

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