Back In Colorado

Back in Colorado

A nice spring snowstorm occurred while I was here.

I am back in Colorado. The flight was really nice, I got upgraded to Economy Plus, which is a rather noticeable improvement.

Jet lag from Tokyo to Colorado is annoying.

Busy Day

Today was a busy day. Instead of a normal class, we went to the NHK building in Nagoya. We wanted to watch the live broadcast in the morning, but that was canceled, so we had the morning to walk around Sakae. I managed to play some Gran Tourismo. Too bad it only had 2 pedals.

Then we toured the studio of NHK, and played around with the demo studio.

Then I spent the rest of the day on another of what I think was a date.

I think I had more social interaction today than in more than a week of when I was living in the castle and working there.

End of the Quarter


The end of the quarter draws near
Class gets odd
Falling Sakura Leaves

Class was odd today. Attention was not there. It was like an ADD treatment ward. I need longer sentences, can I borrow some from you?

Hey look, a butterfly –> here

Maybe we all disturbed by the weather, and going on to wherever we all end up…