St.Patrick’s Day Parade

St.Patrick's Day Parade
The St.Patrick’s Day Parade was held in Nagoya at Osu Kannon.

If it seems like I am doing stuff every weekend, … Yeah, I seem to be busy. Odd how that happened.

Nagoya Saint Patricks Day Parade

Guinness for a Guiness
A pint of Guinness coming in to a bar to get a pint of Guinness.

Guinness Pyramid
Pyramid of Guinness

A moderately expensive pasta restaurant.

I got TaggedOrange Hair
We got tagged by some guy running around with green, white and orange paint.

2 thoughts on “St.Patrick’s Day Parade

    • Re: ?

      The Guinness is ok. It is the main “special foreign” beer in Japan, so it is generally pretty fresh.

      I like stronger stuff, like MacKeson Triple Stout, but when I was last in the biggest liquor store in the world (DaveCo in Denver) they were sold out, so in Japan it is pretty much impossible to find.

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