I like my Moleskine Cahiers. The journal is just too thick, and the special mini version I have is too small.

Perfect for getting Hello Kitty stamps from temples, planning trips, and keeping everywhere.

Guide Book to Colorado

Today in the mail I got John Fielder’s Best of Colorado, which is a really good photo album/guide book for Colorado. I should have gotten this before my last trip showing people around Colorado, but I did pretty good from with Wikitravel.

This book has lots of pictures, which isn’t surprising considering it is written by a (pretty famous) photographer. A picture of what is at the destination and a map/description of how to get there works for lots of stuff here.

Capillary Action to the Rescue

I got some pens, and took some pictures of them. I got two kinds of pens, “Pilot Varsity” and “Pilot V Razor Point”. which are my 2 favorite kinds of disposable pens. They really are quite similar, with no moving parts, relying only on capillary action for everything.

Pilot Varsity

I guess this puts me firmly in the “Steampunk” category, with my Mechanical watch, safety razor, and appreciation for Zeppelins.

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Weekly Bike Ride

It seems that I only have time for a weekly bike ride, so I make the most of it. Even if it is raining a little bit. Or if there is still a bunch of snow on the ground. The replaced brakes worked quite well. I guess there just isn’t a whole lot of material to wear through on little bicycle disc brake pads. Latest bike repair is that I replaced the saddle. I used to have a nose-less style sadde, with a tad too much padding. I now have a more traditional saddle, with less padding. (Padding here isn’t necessarily a good thing, since you want your weight to be on your pelvic pretty directly, and not supported by … soft tissue.)

River in Snow
Taken from the road.

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Bike Repairs

I replaced the pads and rotors on the front of my bicycle. The pads weren’t worn down, they were burned up, and I didn’t like the color that the rotor had turned. The rotor is cheaper than the pads, so it isn’t that expensive to just replace the whole set. Since you can’t turn these rotors, that kind of makes sense anyways.

It is raining quite hard at the moment, but I hope to get a ride in tomorrow. I am going to go the shallow route up Fourmile, to break-in the brakes on the front.