Go To Texas, Get Cowboy Boots

Roping Boot
The boots I got look something like this. Note the square, lower heel.

Austin in August, Calgary in March. I really know how to pick the vacations I go on. Maybe I will go to Fairbanks in December for Christmas…

I have a huge backlog of photos to sort through. (Swimsuit Models in Garden of the Gods with Guns, lots of pictures were taken… And then there was that DUI Checkpoint I walked past as well.)

“A” and “The”

I was trying to explain the usage of articles, like “A” and “The”, and got to a very odd case: when I am talking about a license, the correct one is … none.

For example:

  • I bought Doom
  • I bought a copy of Doom
  • I bout the last copy of Doom

(All should be grammatically correct, but mean different things.)