Orient CEY04002B
(My current watch, an Orient World time, is covered in numbers)

I realized today that I have memorized a bunch of numerical data as pointers to other stuff:

  • We are going to have to be compliant with Section 508 in our product at work.
  • I wish people would use ISO 8601 for dates and times.
  • Although I used to use the 192.168/16 and 10/8 RFC 1918 networks, I am now using 172.16/12 for fun
  • The normal CS 2^x numbers, where 2^10 = 1024, 2^12 = 4096
  • 1000 seconds is 16:40
  • Government forms: 1099, 1040, I-9, w-2
  • And then a bunch of approximations: 2^20 is a bit over 1 million, 2^30 is a bit over 1 billion, etc

But, I was annoyed to discover that Section 508 only bans blinking from 2-55 Hz. I am still annoyed at car designers who think that a 50% duty cycle blink at 60 Hz is equivalent to half brightness.
What about people that can see 85Hz no problem?

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