Class Mayhem

Boulder Indoor Cycling

Cycling class was a tad exciting this week. 3 chains fell off; on a fixed gear with no brakes, losing the chain means you have to coast to a stop. It was odd seeing people that didn’t have to pedal on the track. Then 2 people collided doing a complex exercise, and one girl slid down the track, getting some scrapes.

2 thoughts on “Class Mayhem

  1. I must admit, I am highly intrigued by this indoor cycling business and it would give me a way to keep biking in the winter without sitting on a bike at the gym (which I detest with all the loathing I possess).


    • It is a lot of fun, you definitely should try it. They have a $30 “Track 101″ class on Sunday that is a quick intro, which you could take to see if you like it.

      The first turn the first time is quite exciting.

      Plus, it is an Olympic sport, unlike stationary bikes.

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