Actiontec C1000A and Transparent Bridging

This is an update to the last time I posted about my DSL modem

The old modem finally broke, so I had to replace it. The “Actiontec C1000A” that I got from CenturyLink had a selection in the WAN setup for “Transparent Bridging”. With this simple option, my Tomato router was able to connect.

I also disabled the wireless on that modem, so that it just does DSL decoding. It has the ability to do VDSL, which I might upgrade to later.

5 thoughts on “Actiontec C1000A and Transparent Bridging

  1. My network setup uses a Qwest Q100 DSL modem setup as a transparent bridge with a Linksys WRT54GL running DD-WRT doing the routering. Cannot access the modem when it’s a transparent bridge like that but I never need to anyway.

    • Tomato has an option to access the modem when using PPPoE, with a single IP that is accessible over the WAN port directly.

      This doesn’t work if the PPPoE connection isn’t up, so is less than useful…

      Kind of like the new Cisco routers where the configuration is done online: when the internet is accessible is when I really don’t need to configure my router.

  2. Re: Actiontec C1000A and Transparent Bridging

    Thanks for writing up the setting. I just installed the Actiontec C1000A tonight and was looking for directions on how to enable exactly this! After making the change, I’m able to use the PPPoE connection with the my Linksys router like I had it before.


  3. “Seeing” the Actiontec managment page..

    I have an Actiontec and just bought a new router to get the 5GHz WiFi and was wondering about using Actiontec’s TransparentBridging mode to let the new router do “everything”. Thanks for this post and your previous one.

    In your prior post on your old DSL modem, you said you could no longer see the management page of your DSL modem. Is that still true with your new Actiontec? If so, how you you configure the Actiontec if / when you need to make changes?

    • Re: “Seeing” the Actiontec managment page..

      The configuration issues actually have nothing to do with the transparent bridging modem. The issues about accessing the modem configuration page have to do with network setup, or with the firmware on the router.

      For example, TomatoUSB has an option to have one IP address on the WAN side be accessible even when other traffic goes over the PPPoE connection. I have found this to be less than perfectly reliable, specifically that when the PPPoE connection is down, the modem is also inaccessible.

      Another option is a normally bizzare network arrangement, with a switch between the WAN port of the router and the network port of the modem, with another cable going to the LAN side of the router. Then you would have to give the configuration page of the modem an IP that is valid on the LAN side of the router. Since all Internet traffic is over the PPPoE connection, this doesn’t bypass the firewall logically.

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