Raspberry PI Weather Station

This weather station is a Raspberry PI model Bs with a SHT75 sensors attached. The SHT75 is a high accuracy temperature and humidity sensor. The Raspberry PI and transformer are in the extra-deep outdoor in-use outlet cover. The SHT75 is in a separate box, so that the heat from the transformer and CPU don’t affect the temperature readings. This is connected to my network using an Edimax EW-7811Un, which is an incredibly tiny wifi adapter. An 8GiB SDHC card and some CAT3 cable rounds out the package, which tips the scale at $100.

Weather Station

Is that a computer in your outlet, or..?

I have two of these, one inside and one outside, which will allow me to graph the temperature, humidity, and dewpoint inside and out of my apartment. I hope to keep this going for at least a year, so that I can get data from all of the seasons.

Part of this is to see how my thermostat is behaving/performing.

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  1. Hi, I would like to build one like this. Can you give me more information about the hardware interface and the software/code? I have a small greenhouse 200 feet from the house that I want to monitor inside and outside temperature and humidity, a total of 2 sensors. Using the wireless, I would like to have access to the graphs created by the Pi on a windows wireless network. Thanks for any information, Byron in central Indiana

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