Julia Set fractals

Sometimes I get an idea for a video, and it turns out not very good. The 5 year time-lapse I made falls into that category. Not this time.

Friday night, I made a program that would take a path, and render Julia Sets for points along each segment of that path, allowing the similarities of close Julia Sets to be made into a video:

Swapping Subarus

So, I was looking at buying a 99 Subaru Forrester tonight, and was driving home when this happened to my old car:

Cat out of Place

Instead of driving home, I cut the cat off, put it in the passenger well, and the drove back to the guy I was buying the Forrester from, and sold the Legacy to him for $200 off the Forrester. In related news, driving a car with no cat sounds really awesome! (The guy is a mechanic, so I assume he will part the car out, scrap it, or repair and sell it.)

I was looking at buying the Forrester because the head gasket on the Legacy was blown, not because the exhaust was terrible.

Actiontec C1000A and Transparent Bridging

This is an update to the last time I posted about my DSL modem

The old modem finally broke, so I had to replace it. The “Actiontec C1000A” that I got from CenturyLink had a selection in the WAN setup for “Transparent Bridging”. With this simple option, my Tomato router was able to connect.

I also disabled the wireless on that modem, so that it just does DSL decoding. It has the ability to do VDSL, which I might upgrade to later.

Blank Keyboard

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard - Blank

This is my keyboard at work, the TECK-207 by Truly Ergonomic. At the moment I don’t pair program, so there is no one else even in the room that I am in.

The layout on this version is slightly different than the old version that I had before, but the change isn’t that big a deal. The labels used by Truly Ergonomic on the keys is a fairly thick layer of plastic that goes on top of the keys, which was slightly bothering me, so I got the blank version of the keyboard, since I know where the keys are.

Unfortunately, they no longer have any models with the Cherry Blue switches, and only offer the Cherry Brown switches.

Yeah, I guess I am a keyboard snob when I am complaining about the model of switches used, and what kind of printing is used on the keycaps.

Drive to Mesa Verde, and back

So, I went on a drive to Mesa Verde, and back with a couple of friends of mine. That was last week, and now it seems like everywhere we went is now burning. That is purely a coincidence, of course. In other, perfectly unrelated news, the exhaust on my car needs a bunch of work.

Black Canyon in Infrared
I have been on this route before, so I didn’t feel the need to take quite as many pictures.

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New Clock

Nixie Clock

My new clock. I had to solder the whole thing together, nothing was assembled when I got it. The display is 4 nixie tubes. The pins in front of the display are exposed, and carry 200 volts. Thus I am looking for a suitable cover, probably something like a dessert display cover.

Sattelite Tea

Sattelite Tea

I was brewing a cup of tea at work, and thought it looked just awesome. Yes, that is my computer with an HTTP server up in the background.

In other news, the people at Samsung/Google decided to use ISO8601 to name pictures taken with the camera, which is something I heartily approve of. Instead of using some stupid serial number, they name it with when it was taken, in a way that sorts alphabetically in chronological order.