Elementary School

Today I went to an elementary school, and gave a presentation about my “country”, Colorado.

The beginning was kind of odd, since another Yamasa student and I were put into a classroom with a bunch of students, and then the teacher disappeared. Since there was a laptop and projector already set up, we figured out what to do, but it was kind odd not having the teacher around at all. Here is my description as it would appear in a text-based adventure game for that room:

“You are in a classroom. 12 6th-grade students are looking at you expectantly. Most of the desks are shoved against the north wall, except for one in the middle with a projector and laptop on it. The teacher is nowhere to be seen.
Exits: West”

My presentation was just lots of pictures in a slide show.

I think the only thing they will remember from the presentation is that some people in Colorado can take pictures of bears from their kitchens, and that Colorado has lots of mountains.

After that we started playing games, and then the English Lesson happened. The English Lesson was broadcast on the school TVs, opening with a guy singing Row Your Boat very slowly. Then they went over a couple of phrases as a response to “How are you?”, except with very exaggerated pronunciation.

Making Mochi
Then we started making mochi, a thick paste of rice.

More pictures inside