Limited Time Offer

Sapporo Chocolat Brewery
I found this fairly nice chocolate stout style beer at the local Seiyu. I think it is being sold for Valentines Day, so it isn’t going to stay around for long.

Too bad, I really like this beer. It is an actual stout, which is something that most breweries in Japan seem to have confused with black ale, the Nagoya Kinshachi brewery being a notable local exception.

But, this is Japan, and they love to release new products. Kit-Kat at Seiyu has 2 flavours every month, aside from the normal flavour. Beers are quite seasonal, with more than just the winter/summer styles coming and going.

It is kind of fun, for something like Kit-Kat where I like the normal flavour, and some of the special ones like maple. Banana was a flavour that I was glad to see leave quickly, though.

For beers, where I don’t like the standard Japanese style (they love pale styles of beer, similar to a Pilsener), having styles I do like appear occasionally is quite annoying.

(And I have no clue why I am starting to write in British. Maybe my next quest will be to find some nice tea and crumpets?)