I went to the Okazaki city gym yesterday (Friday evening), and made use of the facilities with some friends. The entrance was ¥200, but I think I might get a monthly pass (¥2040) and go more often. The gym is one road to the east of 248 north of AEON.

The facilities are pretty small, but even the larger gyms near here have a very small weight machine section, nothing like 24 Hour Fitness or the CU Rec Center.

Okazaki Fireworks 2009

2009 Okazaki Fireworks

A few classmates and I went to the Okazaki fireworks show.

3 hours long, launching fireworks quite frequently. By the number of fireworks, it makes up for missing the 4th of July… for the next 3 years.

(Okazaki is where many fireworks manufacturers are based, so this show is partly an advertisement for the fireworks companies)

“Yes, we can!”

I was biking home when I came across 3 middle school students standing over a crashed bike. The fender had gotten messed up, and they were trying to take it off. The asked me to help them, so I was standing there a little bit trying to talk to them, when I suddenly said “実は。。。”,(Actually,…) pulled out my keys, and unscrewed the fender with my Utili-Key.

(Everyone should have a Utili-Key on their key chain)