Well, the trip is finished. 6 days staying at home near Boulder, CO and staying in Carbondale, CO, Cortex, CO, and then Santa Fe, NM for 2 nights.

Near the top of Pikes Peak. The road was closed due to snow. I think one of the goals I had for the Colorado part of the trip was to go up a bunch of roads closed due to snow even in May.

Red Fox

George was quite happy with this picture. It does look like an add for something cool.

Things you can only do on a very deserted road.
Scenery helps too.

Climbing a Ladder
Mesa Verde was a highlight.

New Mexico State Capital
And then for some reason we found ourselves in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Pictures I uploaded are on iPernity

On the way back we split up, and I went on a Greyhound from Albuquerque, NM to Denver, CO. The bus was actually an Americanos bus, apparently the Mexican style of Greyhound. That was a fun 8 hour ride…

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