Snowy Commute

Snowy Bike

It has now snowed, so I switched to “Studds”, my 29er bike with a set of Nokian Gazza Extreme 294 29er tires.

Biking through snow is fun, except when I reach areas of packed but slushy snow that is more than about 8 cm deep. Ice simply isn’t a problem, even frozen tracks are fine.

It is kind of funny to have people stare at me like I am doing something impossible. Just because it is snowing, -10°C, and icy doesn’t mean people can’t bike. Makes the people that have their car running in the morning, warming up, seem a bit weak.

The wheels and brakes on this bike are the same size as the one below, so it is interesting to see how just different tires give a road bike or extreme cold-weather mountain bike.

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