Another festival

Oni Matsuri
Second fire festival in as many weeks. Seems like I like festivals…

This one was at Takisanji, 滝山寺, a temple in Okazaki. The festival was very different from last week, this was more of a ceremony. It was an “Oni matsuri”, or Ogre festival, and apparently also has lots of history.

I had to take a shower after I got back, since I had a very strong odour of smoke. Too bad my legs weren’t black from soot…

A torch

I was taking this because the light looks like a lightsaber, but there ends up being a whole lot of wrong here.

Bladder Bag!
Bladder bag! A firefighter using a standard bladder bag to keep the fire from going too fast.

Oni Matsuri

Rest of the pictures on Ipernity

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