Blank Keyboard

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard - Blank

This is my keyboard at work, the TECK-207 by Truly Ergonomic. At the moment I don’t pair program, so there is no one else even in the room that I am in.

The layout on this version is slightly different than the old version that I had before, but the change isn’t that big a deal. The labels used by Truly Ergonomic on the keys is a fairly thick layer of plastic that goes on top of the keys, which was slightly bothering me, so I got the blank version of the keyboard, since I know where the keys are.

Unfortunately, they no longer have any models with the Cherry Blue switches, and only offer the Cherry Brown switches.

Yeah, I guess I am a keyboard snob when I am complaining about the model of switches used, and what kind of printing is used on the keycaps.