Laundry Detergent Refil

I finished my old bottle of detergent, and was going to get a new one. So, I rinsed out the bottle, and put it in the plastic recycle, and went to Seiyu.

Yeah, it is Japan, so they have ways to reduce the trash, like buying a bag of detergent. I took the old bottle out of the recycle, and filled it up with detergent. The refill bags are generally a little bit cheaper than the bottles as well, but the reduction in trash is enough for me.

Not that I really care about the planet, I just hate dealing with the trash.


I have to keep my apartment above a certain level of cleanliness or else I have cockroaches, mold, the burnable trash stinks, and the floor gets covered in lint.

This is my trash system here:
There are a bunch of kinds of different trash. Also my favorite cleaning fluid ever, green-tea scented multi-surface cleaner. In order of how much I have they are:

  • Plastic.
  • Burnable trash
  • Bottles (PET, cans, glass and milk cartons are all separate, but I sort them at Seiyu, so they have one trash bag)
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • non-burnable trash (There is surprisingly little of this. In 3 months, I haven’t even filled up a small trashbag yet)

The categories aren’t optional, trash has to be sorted like that. For most people the different kinds of trash are picked up on different days, but I have access to a dumpster so I can take care of trash whenever.

I am surprised at how clean I am keeping my apartment. Dishes get washed, the burnable trash is emptied weekly, the trash can is wiped down throughly with my green-tea scented multi-surface cleaner. If I had access to chickens I would probably empty food trash every day to keep the smell from becoming a problem. I mop about every 2 weeks.